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Tips and Tricks[edit]

These are a few tips and tricks for the chaps who play the game, "Sir, you are being hunted".

Main Uses of the Weapons[edit]

The Revolver is usually used as a first weapon, or as a last resort, as it takes 2 shots from the Revolver to kill a dastardly Hunter, and one to kill Dogs.

The Rifle is a weapon more dedicated to medium-range, but, if you are accurate. you can use it at long range as well. It kills Hunters and Dogs in one hit.

The Shotgun is a weapon for those chaps who sneak around to get the upper hand. It's meant to be used up-close and personal, usually killing Hunters in about 1 to 2 hits, dependent on how close you are to a robot, while the hounds should only take 1 good shot. It's fairly hard to get ammunition for this gun, as it doesn't show up on the bodies of Hunters or the doors very frequently.


If there are robots guarding a piece of The Device, you have a ManTrap, and there is a nearby fence or hedge, what you can do is put the trap at the edge of the fence/hedge, then stand up so those Robots can see you. Make sure you crouch down quick enough so that they don't shoot you. If you do it right, you can get the robots trapped in the ManTrap, and you can use any weapon to finish the job.

Squires will not hurt you as long as you do not loot any buildings in the town or attack him. If you have a good weapon(the Rifle or the Shotgun), you can either go up close and shoot him away, or shoot from afar. He can drop a revolver, and revolver ammunition, so it's a good thing to kill him if you are running out of ammo for your better weapons. Update: With the addition of the poacher, the Blunderbuss is now a use-able in-game weapon. This weapon's very short range and enormous stopping power make it possible to destroy a Squire in a single blast at point blank range, and make it ideal for disposing of lone squires in otherwise unguarded villages. Exercise caution, as the firing sound will attract the attention of robots from a great distance.

Never get too full of yourself. If there are many robots around, you have two options: Run, or Hide.
A good time to check your Health and Vitality is while running in one direction, as you don't need to focus on much else.
A great way to take out parties of robots is to either use Dynamite, or take them out one by one. To do this, use Bottles, Sharp Stones, or even your gun to get ones attention, but no others.
If a village is guarded by a large number of robots, 2,3 or more, certain strategies can be applied to deal with them. If you have either the rifle or the revolver, find an area within shooting range of the village, not close enough to be discovered by robots who are alerted, but have not seen you, and where you are completely camouflaged while crouching. It doesn't matter if this area has no projectile blocking cover, although it can if you wish to implement a variant of this strategy. It may also help to ensure the shooting area has dense plant cover to your rear, as if something goes awry and a robot sees you, it will help you hide once you have beaten your retreat.

Study the robot's patrol routes and adjust your position until you are suitably placed to shoot one robot dead with none of the other robots visible in your field of view. Make sure to check the immediate surrounds for any hunting parties who may be alerted by a gunshot before you fire. Once you are in this position and crouched, shoot the robot, then do not move. If you are positioned correctly, and no other robot sees you fire, the other robots will be alerted, but as they are not aware of your position, they will soon return to their resting state of alertness, after which you can move. If any see you, retreat swiftly until they give up, and then return so that you can continue.

After each kill, simply repeat the procedure. You may need to relocate and re-check your surroundings after any number of firings if you cannot isolate one robot from there, but if you are careful to let no other robot see you or your gunshot, you can take a village, or indeed any guarded area without losing any health at all.

A variation of this strategy, if you are patient and want to save your ammunition, is to set up ManTraps for the the robots, either around specific funnels or choke points, or somewhere on a straight line between your position and the robots, then give away your position, which will cause them to run straight towards you until you are within their optimal shooting distance. Be sure either to only retreat in a straight line respective to your pursuers, so as to ensure they activate the traps, or position the traps far enough away that the robots will not reach optimal shooting distance before they run into the trap, as if they do reach this distance, their course will deviate and they will begin to strafe.

Once they are all caught in the traps, either finish them off with a hatchet, or a weapon with more plentiful ammunition. Be sure to act fast, as the trapped robots will break free in less than a minute. If you need to, shoot a couple using the above strategy to correspond with your available number of traps, although it sometimes pays to set up a trap or several traps on every path a robot could take, to maximize your chance of catching them all.

Another variation is merely to shoot one with a reliable weapon at a long distance, and pick the others off as they run straight towards you, ideally from behind cover, although this strategy and the previous one are largely instinctive solutions to this problem.

Executing these strategies with a revolver requires a high degree of accuracy with said weapon, especially since two shots are required to kill an un-damaged Hunter, and unless they are fired in timely and accurate succession, this fact will give other hunters time to move to a position from which they can locate you. Therefore, the use of a rifle is highly advisable.

Squires are best left until last in these situations.
Distractions are usually best avoided in these scenarios, as they are likely to attract multiple robots, who will see you if you fire on one of them.
Attacks of this sort are usually best conducted during night hours, on account of the accompanying visibility bonus.
As of the "Dead Haggis" update, robots guarding towns will occasionally fight with hunting parties when they meet. These events can reduce both side's numbers, weaken the survivors and thus make your task easier. However, you should not reveal yourself during these battles, as both sides will then turn their combined attention to you. It is best to come into the fight, when one side has beaten the other.

NEVER run at un-trapped robots with the hatchet, unless its only a single Hunter or a Hound. Even the latter is better attempted while standing on top of an object of some sort, such as a fence, stone wall or boulder.

Update: At the time of writing, an update has been implemented to improve the range of the Hatchet. Therefore, it is, in reality, possible to dispose of small groups of 2 or so Hunters with the Hatchet with relatively low risk. The key tactic is to only move across the robot's field of view; never move directly towards of away from them in a straight line. This makes it much more difficult for the robots to fire accurately, as they are constantly having to adjust the direction they are aiming in. Try seperate the robots by using cover to shield yourself from one of them, then use this tactic to have the robot you can still see empty his weapon at you and have to reload. Use his reload time as an opportunity to close the gap between you, but don't be hasty; retreat if he finishes reloading before you get to him, as he will be far more accurate and his blasts far more damaging at close range. Once you have closed the distance, simply swing at him with your axe, taking care to keep your cursor pointed directly at him. Unless he is already damaged, he will begin to retreat; chase him, but be careful that you do not let him lead you into an area where other robots have a shot at you. Two swings will finish a Hunter, so simply rinse and repeat. Again, it is inadvisable to engage groups of three or more with this tactic.

Be careful- you can still discard items whilst they're in their container.

Industrial Biome Survival[edit]

Industrial biomes are quite different to other biomes. The towns and villages are much larger, and contain new buildings such as mills and smokestacks, that have the potential to contain a lot of loot. However, these towns are robot hotspots. You can expect to meet large groups of robots patrolling the streets. Escaping from robots is much harder, especially if you're stuck in the middle of town. You can lure robots out of the town with distractions, or you can take them on. Hide behind walls, then jump out and either shoot or hit the robots, then get back into cover. Some towns have canals inside them, which can be used to get around robots or to make a quick escape.

That's all for now, chaps. Happy being hunted!