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Survival in Sir means staying alive whilst you gather the pieces of The Device and avoiding robots.

You have two measures of general well-being:

  • Vitality (Hunger) -- increases by eating vittles (Food), slowly decreases over time
  • Health -- decreases through attack damage or rapidly via bleeding, regenerates if vitality is above 50

Survival Basics[edit]

Whilst exploring the Islands in Sir your Vitality (Hunger) will steadily decrease. This means that you will need to keep eating vittles (Food) in order to keep your vitality high.

It appears that a single point of Vitality is lost every 10 seconds (measures with a character standing still).

If your vitality is above 50 then you will also regenerate health. Health will not regenerate if your vitality falls below 50. Health will also not regenerate if you are bleeding.

To stop bleeding you must use Bandages. Currently bandages are the most crucial resource: no matter how much food you have, if you start bleeding then you have limited time left. Eating will not replenish your health.

You can find food by Looting Buildings. If you find game (rabbits or pheasants) then you can use cooking to make food, although this is risky as fires attract robots.


The different types of vittles will increase your vitality by different amounts. Be aware that some types of edible items are in fact poisonous.

Item Effect Notes
Apple 10
Biscuits 10
Blackberries 10
BlueCheese 10?
FlaskofTea 80
Fish&Chips 40
GreenEggs -20 Poisonous
Ham 50
Marmalade 10
Mints 10
MouldyBread -20 Poisonous
Mushroom 20
Blackberries 10
Canned Pie 80
Rat -50 Poisonous
Red Toadstool 20 Causes temporary psychedelic effect
Stout 50
Well-cooked meat 100%
Whisky 50 Causes you to be drunk for a while