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The game keeps track of various statistics, which are viewable when a player dies, and upon completion of the game.

When a player dies, the current statistics are displayed. However, when the player subsequently loads the previous save, all statistics barring 'Times Died' reset to the values they had at that save; they don't carry over through death.

Name Description
Time Alive The total time the player has been actively playing since beginning a new game (pauses, loading not counted).
Robots Slain The number of robots that have been killed by the player.
Bandages Used The number of bandages the player has used.
Food Eaten The number of pieces of food eaten by the player.
Shots Fired The number of gunshots fired by the player.
Traps Sprung The number of robots caught in traps the player placed down.
Animals Cooked The number of animals used at log fires.
Tea Drunk The number of flasks of tea the player has drunk.
Times Died The number of times the player has died. This is the only statistic that is carried over after death.
Stealth Rank A stealth rank is only awarded when the player has completed the game.

Possible stealth ranks from worst to best:

1) Foreigner
2) Lower Working Class
3) Working Class
4) Upper Working Class
5) Lower Middle Class
6) Middle Class
7) Upper Middle Class
8) Lower Upper Class
9) Upper Class
10) Upper Upper Class
11) Posh
12) Toff
13) Royalty