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Weapon Revolver
Health Axe - 6 Hits
Blunderbuss - 1 Hit
Revolver - 6 Hits
Shotgun - 4 Hits
Rifle - 3 Hits
Dynamite - 1 Hit

Squires don't appear immediately but tend to spawn later in the game. They are always found guarding villages. Unlike the Hunter or a Dog which will attack on sight, Squires won't attack you immediately. You're free to wander up to them or through the village without a problem. Squires are only driven to combat by two things: engaging them in combat or stealing items from the village it is protecting.

If a Squire catches you looting a building in the village, it will attack. Not only that, Squires become protective of any containers which are within the boundaries of the village, including destroyed robots. Looting items from a destroyed robot, picking a mushroom or red toadstool, or even picking up a killed pheasant within a Squire's village may cause it to attack.


While in combat, Squires will fire off a barrage of rounds with their revolver, typically in 4 round bursts, though possibly up to 6 rounds at a time. Though the revolver does lower damage per shot, its higher accuracy and faster fire rate makes it a far greater threat to a Sir or Madam. A single burst of fire from a Squire can kill a Sir or Madam outright if all shots land.

If a Hunter shoots the Squire he will also be aggravated and attack them.


Squires take significantly more firepower to take down; approximately four direct hits from the Shotgun, or six rounds from the Revolver and one Shotgun shell. When shot by a Squire, it causes severe flinching. Guerilla tactics are recommended when fighting a Squire, such as poking out around corners, shooting it once, and then retreating behind cover before it has time to react. This strategy is highly effective as Squires are slower moving than most enemies.

Another tactic to use if you are trying to get a revolver, is to find a Squire by itself, and sprint around while hitting it with a hatchet. It takes 6 hits to kill a squire this way. Do not try this if you have low health.

Because it takes more time and finesse to eliminate a Squire, it is recommended that you do not engage unless the area is clear of Hunters.

When stepping on a ManTrap, It will break, and the Squire will not be trapped.

As of the 2014 update, the Blunderbuss is a usable in-game weapon, and is ideal for destroying a Squire, having the capacity to render one inoperative with a single blast at point-blank range.

The nonaggressive nature of Squires also makes them easy prey for a dynamite toss, which will kill them instantly.

Note that Squires will NOT respond to distractions such as bottles or alarm clocks.


Usually, the Squire will drop:


Revolver Ammunition


On rarer occasions they have been known to drop:




  • Sometimes they will sing "Rule, Britannia!".



Big Robot have described them thusly:

Middle-class mechanical, The Squire, isn’t interested in hunting. He’s not really interested in open hostility at all. You can walk up to a passive Squire without any danger. The huge beasts wander amiably around the villages, humming popular music hall tunes. That is until you try to loot a building. Then there might be trouble.

Quote taken from this blog post