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Weapon None
Effects Alerts other robots
Health Axe - 8 Hits
Rifle - 3 hits

The scarecrow is a mysterious robot that was added in the "Pumpkin" update. This fellow is the stuff of nightmares. He will be found randomly around the countryside swaying inconspicuously. However, if you get too close to it, the eyes will "turn on" and the red eyes show you the scarecrow is awake. While "awake" it will follow you by teleporting to your back if you look back at it, much like a weeping angel. Also, to make this teleporting heart-attack worse, it alerts nearby robots to your position. The only ways to ditch this nasty fellow is to stare at him and walk backwards until the eyes "turn off", or give the jerk a lot of axe to his creepy face. When killed, you can find A Good Read.

The Scarecrow does not do damage on its own; by itself it is completely harmless, but still quite scary. If the player finds a Scarecrow by itself, it can be be a good idea to kill it while there are no other robots around to hear it scream. It is possible to stand behind a scarecrow and not have it activate, as it seems to only do so if the player is in its line of sight. Scarecrows spawn most frequently in open fields, so pay attention to your surroundings when you have to move across open ground. It's very easy to miss them if you're not paying attention, and soon enough you could have one tailing you, with all his friends in tow.

A Scarecrow in its "Awake" state