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Category Weapon
Inventory 1x5

The rifle is the longest range weapon in both the player and robot's arsenal.


Rifles can be found randomly in Buildings and it is possible to find its ammos on the bodies of Rider. The Officer Class starts with one of these, along with ten rifle bullets.


The rifle is the most powerful long-ranged weapon in the archipelago, and can kill a hunter with a single shot. If a village or area is guarded by a large number of robots (2,3 or more), certain strategies can be applied to deal with them. If you have a rifle, you may find it useful to identify an area within shooting range of the village which is not close enough to be discovered by robots who are alerted, but have not seen you, and where you are completely camouflaged while crouching. It doesn't matter if this area has no projectile blocking cover, although it can if you wish to implement a variant of this strategy (see Tips section for further information). It may also help to ensure the shooting area has dense plant cover to your rear, as if something goes awry and a robot sees you, it will help you hide once you have beaten your retreat.

Study the robot's patrol routes and adjust your position until you are suitably placed to shoot one robot dead with none of the other robots visible in your field of view. Make sure to check the immediate surrounds for any hunting parties who may be alerted by a gunshot before you fire. Once you are in this position and crouched, shoot the robot, then do not move. If you are positioned correctly, and no other robot sees you fire, the other robots will be alerted, but as they are not aware of your position, they will soon return to their resting state of alertness, after which you can move. If any see you, retreat swiftly until they give up, and then return so that you can continue.

After each kill, simply repeat the procedure. You may need to relocate and re-check your surroundings after any number of firings if you cannot isolate one robot from there, but if you are careful to let no other robot see you or your gunshot, you can take a village, or indeed any guarded area with minimal risk to your person, and usually without losing any health at all.

This strategy, properly executed, is immensely satisfying.