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Category Weapon
Inventory 2x2

The Revolver holds the most rounds per reload of all of the weapons, but does the least damage overall.

It holds a maximum of Six (6) rounds per load, and is fairly accurate at medium range. It takes up a 2x2 space in your inventory, and the ammo takes up a 1x1 space for 6 shots slot.


The Revolver can be found in Buildings, though this is rare. In some cases (such as a bad map seed), fighting a Squire might be the only way to acquire one without searching the entire Centre Island.


When planning to engage any number of Hunters it is prudent to choose an open area with plenty of cover for you. When choosing a battleground you'll want to be sure that the area has: plenty of cover (e.g. rock, tree, stone fence) and is open enough for you to see in all directions to avoid being surprised from behind, or is situated against the coast. and has multiple escape routes (e.g. tall grass, forest). Once you have chosen a battleground you will want to lure the Hunters to your position by either shooting one of them or by using a distractory item (e.g Empty Bottle). Once they are within a sensible range, use the weapon's iron sights and shoot them. Conserve your ammunition, as this weapon is an excellent choice for a number of scenarios, but most notably for assaults on villages or fragment locations.

The revolver is an easy weapon to improvise with, and is suited to a mobile fighting style. Its inaccuracy at longer ranges makes the rifle a better option for distanced engagements, and the revolver's firing speed and bullet/kill ratio makes it difficult to use stealthily. Used selectively and with effort put into proper and careful aiming, the revolver can kill three Hunters with one magazine. The revolver is best fired from behind physical cover, and a standing position is usually suitable, since speedily changing position during an engagement with the revolver may well be necessary, given its range. At the time of the "Dead Haggis" update, the revolver is a fully automatic weapon. As such, by holding down the trigger for a moment, a near-instantaneous double-tap can be performed, which will kill any hunter within the weapon's effective range, so long as both bullets connect. This is best performed on a stationary hunter, who is either unaware of the player and is looking around, has only just seen the player, is standing still to reload, is stationary while aiming, or is running directly toward the player. Leading shots for strafing hunters are best performed individually.

Taking on enemy combatants in an area with abundant cover such as a village or granite boulder-field is a useful tactic, as weaving between cover areas will mean the hunters miss almost all of the time, and the number of rounds in the revolver's magazine makes it easy to seize the hunter's reload time as an opportunity to aim and return fire with the added benefit of range and the ability to kill within one second without reloading, compared to the shotgun. The revolver's magazine also makes it easier to compensate for a miss, compared to the time taken to reload after each shot in the case of the rifle. The revolver's reload time of approximately 6 seconds must be accounted for during engagements, best only initiated when you are camouflaged, a good distance from the enemy, or after the enemy have given an indication that they have lost sight of you. Additionally, as with any weapon, positioning yourself behind cover and placing the aiming dot of the weapon on the cover surface, a short distance from the edge, will allow you to fire at enemies using the lean feature, while giving you the maximum benefit of concealment behind cover while reloading. This is in many ways the best possible position from which to fire a revolver.

Hunter: It takes 2 rounds from a revolver to kill an undamaged Hunter. It is easiest to aim for the torso, since head shots convey no damage bonus. One shot can usually kill a damaged Hunter.

Squire: It takes 12 shots from a revolver to kill a Squire. Engaging one with a revolver is not economical, since they'll usually only carry six bullets in their own revolvers, although they can occasionally carry an extra 6 out of the gun.

Dog: Dogs are invariably killed by one bullet from the revolver.


While reloading, the player will take the time to hand-load 6 rounds into the revolver, regardless of the rounds already loaded. This means that it will take just as long to reload a revolver with 5 rounds still in the cylinder as it would to load an empty one. In battle these seconds must be accounted for.