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This page has pointers to the release notes provided by Big Robot

Date Version Code Notes
2013-10-28 [1] "Teapot" Adds hunting and foraging to the game.
2013-10-28 0.6.4860 "Pumpkin Plus+" Bug fixes: ammo stack, loading regions
2013-10-25 0.6.4856 "Pumpkin+" Bug fixes; changes to randomized starting biome set, weapon reloading, pub loot
2013-10-17 0.6.4839 "Pumpkin" Industrial biome added, and the Scarecrow and BogCreature enemies.
2013-09-23 0.5.4725 "Dead Haggis" Added a ton of new items and darker nights
2013-08-29 0.4.4578 "Matchbox" First Update since release, Added leaning and bug fixes
2013-08-16 0.3.4518 "Pipe" This was the first version release for the open alpha
2013-07-24 0.2.4444 "Shells" Fixed graphic issues cause by 0.2.4436
2013-07-23 0.2.4436 "Toadstool" First update for Early Access added Fens biome
2013-07-08 0.4320 "sirbackertest1" Early Access first build of Sir, You Are Being Hunted