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Weapon Blunderbuss
Health Axe - 2 Hits
Rifle - 1 Hit
Blunderbuss - 1 Hit

Poachers were released in the December 'Teapot' update.


Poachers carry the Blunderbuss and lay ManTraps in woodland areas. Some poachers may have Dynamite.

Poachers patrol wooded areas, humming in a distinctive, high pitch and placing traps for any unsuspecting aristocrats and game. When caught in one of the Poacher's traps, the player will be immobilized and the Poacher will most likely be alerted to this fact. The Poacher will approach the player and fire his Blunderbuss at nearly point blank range, dealing anywhere from 75-100 damage, and more often than not, killing the player outright.

When venturing through territory patrolled by a Poacher it is highly recommended that the player carry Pliers to quickly escape any ManTraps. Note that the Poacher can also spot the player from a distance, but the damage from his Blunderbuss is less consistent at greater range.


Poachers may drop their signature Blunderbuss (either functional or broken), Gunpowder and Shot, ManTraps, Pliers, possibly Dynamite in the future.


Poacher concept.jpg

These are stealthy, ambush-based baddies, who lay in wait for you across the landscape...

...The Poachers happily take down tresspassing Hunters if they encroach on their territory. Poachers tend to carry and use traps, which can render their opponents wounded and immobile – dangerous for an exposed Hunter, or the unwary player. Cunning Hunted players will be able to re-purpose these traps for their own devices. Some Poachers will even carry dynamite – you know, for fishing and stuff.