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Planned Features

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The developers have been forthcoming about some of their ideas and plans for the game as it develops.

This page tries to collate together a list of the planned changes or improvements to the game. The intention is to provide a handy reference list of confirmed features, not just ideas from the community. This should help the developers avoid being inundated with suggestions to add already planned features.

The intention is not to apply pressure on the developers. Don't use it to complain about features and expect plans to change so things on this list might eventually get removed or de-prioritised.

If you add to this list, please try and link to a forum, blog post or Kickstarter update that confirms that the feature may be in a future release.

TODO: actually add the aforementioned links :)


New items or planned changes

Game Mechanics[edit]

  • Multiplayer co-op -- Up to 4 players fighting against (or with) each other, although only a single player can escape the islands
  • Controller support