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Category Food
Inventory 2x4

Fine piece of Game – In-game description

Pheasant is a type of animal found in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. If killed, its corpse can be picked up by the player. It occupies 2x4 slots while inside a container or the player's inventory.

Pheasants cannot be consumed directly, and must be cooked at a fire first. Cooking a pheasant will produce two pieces of cooked meat.

While alive, pheasants can be hunted by the player. Getting too close to a pheasant will spook it, causing it to fly noisily away from the player, possibly alerting nearby robots of the player's location. Robots can also spook pheasants. Pheasants will only fly a short distance in a straight line, and will land nearby.

If a pheasant runs into a hard obstacle (such as a tree or building) while flying it will be killed instantly, leaving its corpse to be found at the base of the obstacle which killed it. When killed in this way pheasants make a cawing crow sound.