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Modding guide

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This page provides some information on modding the base game.

Sir is currently in alpha so the material given here may be subject to change depending on how the game evolves in future releases.

Configuration Files[edit]

Once the game has been run and the first world has been generated, a new directory is created alongside the executable and data directories. The directory is named after the version being played, e.g. sir_alpha_v0. Currently this directory contains a single sub-directory called SaveGames which contains the application and world configuration.

Save Game Directory[edit]

This directory contains 3 XML files that store the overall game configuration. It also contains sub-directories for each of the world generated in the game:

  • Controlsettings.xml -- defines the key/control mappings used when playing the game
  • GFXsettings.xml -- defines the graphics options that the user has selected
  • Persistent.xml -- some additional configuration, including whether the player is male or female
  • World1, World2, etc -- directories containing world data

World Directory[edit]

Each of the world directories contains the data for an individual game world. This is divided into Static_Content and Dynamic_Content

  • Static Content -- contains the data and configuration for the structure of the world. This includes the structure of each of the 5 islands (Centre, North, East, South and West). Each island consists of a collection of binary and XML files. The XML files include:
    • an XML file describing the graph structure of the island (presumably the topology of areas)
    • a region file containing data on each region in the area
    • a "template" file that was presumably used to generate the world. It includes presets for biome type, village type, church type, etc.
    • a configuration file that lists the village names for each region on the island. A village name includes a Title ("Comely Hampton") and a Subtitle ("Winner of Britain in Gloom")
  • Dynamic Content -- these are the dynamic elements of the game. The directory contains two XML files:
    • an inventory file that lists the contents of each loot door in the island. An inventory consists of an item name, a value (how many), and a position in the inventory
    • a telecache config which lists the location (x,y,z) of each piece of the machine you're collecting. There are different types of piece that can be collected.