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Man Trap
Category Item
Inventory 1x2

Traps are placeable and will snare the player and Hunters for several seconds when stepped on, resulting in the Hunter being unable to fire. They take up a 1x2 space in your inventory. They will not trap Squires or Riders. The traps do little damage but cause the player to writhe in pain while snared.


Traps can be looted from buildings and can also be placed by Poachers. Pliers can be used to recover them. They can also drop on the bodies of Poachers.


Hunters can be lured into ManTraps, which essentially immobilizes them. This makes them easy picking. Poachers, when patrolling, will stop to check their traps. This is one of the best times to attack a Poacher if desired. Tracking a Poacher as it makes its rounds will provide many free traps. Setting an alarm clock or other sound source at the center of an arc of 3-4 ManTraps will allow the relatively safe clearance of an area with many Hunters. The effectiveness is increased if they are placed in gaps in walls, between boulders or at other natural choke points.