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In order to find equipment in Sir, including food, weapons, and all other items, you have to loot buildings or robot corpses.

Basic of Looting[edit]

To loot a building, just approach one of its doors. Your cursor will turn into a hand icon. You can now press the "interact" button, "F" by default (was "E" before latest update), to see what the building contains. You can then transfer items from the building to your inventory.

Looting bodies is just the same as looting buildings, just approach the corpse and interact with it.

Items spawn with different frequencies depending on the type of Building. For example, shotguns and rifles seem to appear more frequently in pubs and large country houses, while revolvers are more commonly found in villages.

Larger houses typically have better loot.

Looting in the presence of a squire will cause it to become hostile to the player.


All of the following can be looted for resources:

  • All Buildings -- buildings often have more than one door. Each door is a separately lootable location, so be sure to go all the way around a house. Alternatively, if a village is well defended or a Squire is patrolling, just loot the back of the houses.
  • Phone boxes
  • Bins (Trash Cans)
  • Dead robot bodies


You can also cache items in permanent lootable locations. This means that you can store extra items, e.g. Bandages until you need them. Robot corpses are not permanent (they disappear after a while) so you can't store items on them. Pay attention to the background color of loot menus. If the loot menu is green, items can be cached there. If the loot menu is red, then items cannot be cached there.

It is very important to know that robots who find your cache will stay to guard it, the same way they guard high value loot locations that naturally spawn on the map. Do NOT cache the entirety of your items, especially in a single place, without keeping the necessary in your inventory to reclaim the cache even with two hunters or more (and possibly dogs too) camping in front of it.