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A flat, damp, marshy region modelled after the Fens of eastern England.

A video introduction to the fens by BigRobot.

There are isolated clumps of woodland, areas of longer grass and lots of pools and canals.


The following buildings have been spotted in the fens

  • Barns
  • Churches
  • Country houses
  • Litter Bins
  • Shacks
  • Sheds
  • Pubs
  • Village Houses and Shops

Villages are rarer in the Fens than in the rural areas.


Lots of stealth required as the countryside is quite flat. You can easily get pursued for a long distance. Fires will attract robots from a long distance.

Device pieces can also be on smaller islands just off-shore, not just on the mainland. Not clear whether these islets are a feature of the fens (which has greater chance to produce watery areas).

There are fewer villages so you're often looting churches and solo houses, as well as the occasional shack nestled in the woodland. The shacks seem to rarely have anything of value.