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Exploring is an essential part of Sir gameplay.

In order to find all of the pieces of The Device you will need to thoroughly explore each part of the Islands. In order to get the vittles and weaponry you'll need to survive, you'll need to start Looting the various Buildings you find scattered across the island.


At the top of the screen is your compass. The compass includes a few way markers which are useful for finding your way around:

  • An open circle is used to indicate the direction of The Stones
  • Filled pentagons indicate the direction of Boats

Additional way markers are added when the player has a map. Pay attention to your surroundings and build up a sense of where each village is in relation to one another.

The other way to find your way around is to look for plumes of smoke. You can zoom in when using the Binoculars which helps when scouting.

White Smoke Plumes[edit]

White smoke plumes indicate the location of a piece of The Device. They will be guarded so approach carefully.

Dark Smoke Plumes[edit]

These indicate the location of a log pile that can be used for Cooking. Log piles themselves don't appear to be guarded but a lit fire will attract the attention of robots.

Log piles can appear next to Buildings and these may be guarded. E.g. the pub has a patio out the back and this can have a log pile.


The wisps are hints that you might want to explore in a particular direction. Wisps often circle around close by pieces of the device and the standing stones. If you have a map you can mark the area you saw the wisp at and explore around that.

Save Points[edit]

You can save in a total of nine places:

  • On the centre island at The Stones and at any of the 4 Boats.
  • The four peripheral islands all have one boat each.

Using Boats[edit]

Boats used to cross between islands, they also act as save points. Your progress is automatically saved when you use a boat. That boat will then become your spawn point. You can also save progress at a boat without using it. This makes boats handy way markers for exploring the island.

On the centre island you can skirt the coastline to explore and save progress at boats as you find them. But as each outlying island has only a single boat, there is only one save point. So you are better off making raids into the island and developing a cache of useful resources nearby.


It is possible to swim in the sea and other areas of water. By default Sir seems to just wade through the water, although you can also dive into the water (the screen takes on a green colour).

You can wade out into deep water and use that as a way to approach robots and device pieces unseen. Approaches via the sea can be a little awkward as you often have to jump and clamber over the rocks.

If you remain in the water for too long, the BogCreature will attack you, causing great damage. Swim quickly!

Important Note: when you're in deep water any item you are holding will be deselected (naturally, as you're swimming). So take care to reselect your gun on leaving the water. This also means its not possible to take pot shots at robots when swimming.