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Its possible to cook raw meat and game on a fire to turn it into food that you can use.

Log piles will be randomly spawned across the Islands. These can be identified as they give off a black smoke plumes (unlike the device pieces which have a white plume). Log piles seem to regularly spawn near to buildings, including pubs, barns and water towers.


If you approach a log pile you can light it with Matches or a MatchBook. Interact with the log pile and use your matches. The logs will then start burning. You can then "use" raw meat/game on the fire to cook it, e.g. a DeadRabbit or a Pheasant. Cooking a rabbit yields four pieces of well-cooked meat, but a pheasant will only yield two.

Be warned though that a lit fire will attract the attention of nearby robots, so cook quickly! This can be used as a reliable distraction, as many log piles are located near pieces.