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Buildings are randomly generated structures which have varying sizes, shapes and purposes. Some serve as decent cover when retreating or outmaneuvering a group of enemies. They appear on the islands along with the randomly generated terrain.

There are a number of different types of buildings that can be found on the Islands. Some building types appear to spawn only in selected Biomes.

Generally speaking all buildings can be looted for items. There are a few structures (water towers and post boxes) that aren't lootable though. Log piles often seem to spawn next to buildings.

Building cannot be entered in Sir. This is a deliberate design decision and Big Robot have documented the reasons behind that.


These are solitary cottages and houses that can be found anywhere on the island.

Some of them have logpiles that can be used for Cooking.

A cottage.

Stately Homes[edit]

Larger buildings that have better loot. These are usually well-guarded, but are usually surrounded by tall grasses to use as cover.


Churches are surrounded by a walled graveyard. Gravestones have randomly generated names on them, including references to games and also Kickstarter backers who pledged the required amount.

The design of the church buildings varies across the biomes.

Village Houses[edit]

Found in villages. These usually have several doors so offer multiple options for Looting. If a village is well guarded you can often sneak up to the back of a row of houses and loot them. The back of the houses often have low walls and tables that offer some cover.

A simple village with robot guards.

Village Shops[edit]

Worple & Tatt, Tweed Wholesalers

There's a tweed shop that crops up in villages. Most usually it contains a lot of junk objects, but on rare occasions axes and revolvers can be found within.


"The Robotic Arms" pubs can be found on the islands, and usually contain large weapons, game, alcohol as well as the common junk found everywhere else. Groups of Hunters will often guard pubs because of this.

Pole Barns[edit]

Large open sided barns

Ruined Buildings[edit]

Remnants of buildings can be found scattered across the landscape. Each biome has a different set of structures, and each serve as a place to hide in the world. A loot barrel and campfire can often be found near these types of structures.

A broken building.

Phone Boxes[edit]

These can be looted. Usually found by the side of the road. If there is one near your Device, you can use it as storage for spare bandages or types of ammunition.

Water Towers[edit]

Tall triangular water towers. Found in the Rural Biome. Often feature log piles and a barrel.

A water tower.


Small buildings usually unguarded and in wooded areas or fields. These appear in the fens and rural areas. They are small and have a single door at the front of the building


These aren't buildings, they're just small sheds or storage areas. The shed is next to a small piece of broken wall.

These have been seen in the fens.


Found in the Mountain biome, empty but with barrels next to them holding loot

Litter Bins[edit]

Cylindrical litter bins on a pole.

Post Box[edit]

Traditional British red post boxes. There is a binary code on each of the post boxes. It can be translated to "death to humans" using the ASCII conversion.

A close up of the binary code.

The code is: 01100100 01100101 01100001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01110011