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Bog Creature

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Bog Creature
Weapon Pincers
Effects Attacks only in water
Health Invulnerable
The Bog Creature searching for its prey..

This lovecraftian terror attacks Sir/Madam if he/she stays in the water too long. It snaps out with its tentacles and causes considerable damage and bleeding. It can also be occasionally heard and/or seen randomly appearing around the islands' coasts. So far, there seems to be no way of fending it off, except for not lingering in the water.

...the bog creature is a mysterious tentacular contraption which lurks beneath the murky surface of the waters surrounding the archipelago


  • Occasionally, only one of the BogCreature's tentacles will come up, with the others stuck and just above the bottom of the sea. The BogCreature will sway around as normal, then abruptly disappear. Or it will come through the dock.
  • If the player has recently left the water the Bog Creature may still hit them once or twice.