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The Blunderbuss is a large weapon with a wide barrel. It is similar to the shotgun in the respect that it fires out several projectiles at once. However, it is much more powerful than the shotgun, making a huge racket similar to that of the dynamite and a smoke ring when you fire it. A close shot at a group of robots with the blunderbuss is likely to take down most if not all of the group, making it an effective weapon at eliminating entire patrols. The Blunderbuss can one shot a Squire, so it's quite useful to get some revolver ammo.

Poachers use this weapon, and can drop it, though it is most often found broken.

It takes 5x1 spaces, like the other long guns.

It uses Gunpowder and Shot for ammunition, taking up 2x1 per ammo slot for only 1 shot each.