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Weapon None
Effects Alerts other robots
Health Invulnerable
Can be temporarily disabled

Balloons are used by the enemy in order to track down the player, although they follow a randomized path. These scourges roam across the landscape, shining a rotating searchlight down on the ground. If you're caught in the light, an alarm will sound, attracting all nearby Hunters, Note : Their radius of finding you is slightly bigger than the visible light. Balloons will not follow you. Balloons will always stay a set distance from the ground.

As of Sir, You Are Being Hunted 's version 1.1, only one Balloon will appear per island.

For the player, Balloons are probably the most irritating enemy entities in the game, because they are completely silent while airborne, are seemingly invincible, and tend to miraculously appear at the worst of times (for instance, while evading a group of Hunters in tall grass). Tall structures and terrain can also prevent foresight of a Balloon approaching, making Looting at night extremely dangerous, even when no Hunters appear to be in sight.

This forces the player to pay attention to the skies, lest they receive a rude awakening.

Thankfully, if the player manages to retreat out of its searchlight, a Balloon will not follow very far. It is recommended the player keep moving until they are sure no Hunters are following.

Fun Fact: If you look closely at a Balloon, there is a Robot in its basket, looking outward. If you aim directly at the basket and shoot with any projectile weapon, the robot is likely to fall out, with full death animation and rag-doll effects. This, however, does not seem to affect the Balloon in any meaningful way, and it will continue along its randomized path with its searchlight still moving, still able to detect the player. This is likely due to the lack of resources to program a consequence for the pilot's demise, but may also imply that the Balloon itself is an autonomous enemy.

Additionally, the searchlight on the balloon can be shot out. It repairs itself after some time.