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Wood Hatchet

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Wood Hatchet
Category Weapon
Inventory 3x1

The wood hatchet is the only weapon that doesn't need ammunition and that can be used stealthily.


Wood Hatchets can be found randomly in Buildings, but as they are never used up, you only need to find one.


While a hatchet doesn't use up any ammunition, it must be used at point blank, which can be very risky if the target Hunter is using a shotgun. However, the hatchet can be used quite effectively against hunters. If the player runs at the hunter, and dodges or takes the hunter's first two shots, then one hit is enough to send a robot retreating, and another is enough to kill it. This technique can even be used with multiple hunters, by strafing back and forth or by using a "hit and run" technique. A hunter can even be used as a shield to block another hunter's shots, which can be enough to incapacitate or kill the shield.

If a Dog is chasing you alone, one way of safely killing it is to jump onto a rock or fence, crouch, and hit it with your hatchet a few times as it cannot reach you.


Killing a hunter with a hatchet tends to break his shotgun.

You cannot actually cut wood or build fires. If you need a campfire, see Cooking.