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The Device

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The Device
The device.png

You were brought to the Islands after an accident with the mysterious device. After transporting you The Device exploded into 17 pieces which have been scattered across the 5 islands. This background is narrated to you by Mr Walters.

To complete the game you must find all 17 pieces of the device and return them to The Stones.

The Pieces[edit]

In total there are 17 pieces of the device that must be found. Each piece of the device will be of one of 4 different sizes:

  • 4x4
  • 2x2
  • 2x1
  • 1x1

The 4x4 size pieces are more commonly found on the centre islands, this makes it easier for you to collect all pieces from one of the outlying islands and return them to The Stones.

Finding Pieces[edit]

Pieces are best found by Exploring the Islands. Each piece will be found in a small crater and can be guarded by at least two Hunter robots. White smoke is given off by the impact crater allowing you to identify them from a distance. It is also recommended to follow any blue floating Wisp that can be seen around the island, they generally lead you towards a Piece.

The first piece of the item is always found right next to The Stones at the start of the game.


Pieces can be cached in Buildings like other pieces of loot. This means that you can store all the pieces found on an outlying island in a building before making a single trip back to the centre island. If you do this somewhere near to the Boat that brought you to the island then you can regularly save your progress.

Lighting any nearby fire causes all robots guarding a crater to stop guarding it, they will then proceed to move towards the fire, use this distraction to bypass them. Just remember to scout the area before lighting it, since you might run into other robots while attempting to bypass the guards.