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Weapon Shotgun
Health Axe - 2 Hits
Shotgun (Close) 1 Hit
Shotgun (Far) 2 Hits
Rifle - 1 Hit
Revolver - 2 Hits
Blunderbuss - 1 Hit

The most commonly found enemy in the game, hunters guard pieces of The Device, Buildings and roam the landscape. Some Hunters may be accompanied by Dogs. Occassionally hunters will engage in infighting with other robots. The more hunters that are gathered in one spot, the higher the chances of this happening.


The hunter uses a Shotgun and has a long range of vision. They are very dangerous in large numbers, with a hound, or if the player is caught unaware. Hunters seem to always travel in packs of at least 2 and are often found guarding places of interest. Hunters will pursue and search the area the player was last spotted, traveling long distances if the player lights a camp fire or is spotted by a balloon. Hunters can be killed by striking them twice with the Wood Hatchet or hitting them directly with a shotgun or rifle round. Hunters are most accurate at close range meaning attacking them with a Wood Hatchet is risky. NOTE: Hunters cannot fire while caught in ManTraps.


Killed hunters can be looted for Shotguns (the gun will sometimes be broken), shells, Bandages, Raw Meat, Mints, Blackberries, and occasionally Fine Game.

At the very beginning of the game, next to the stones, a dead hunter can be found with a Pie, some Bandages, a pair of Binoculars.


Hunters usually roam in groups between one and four while guarding fragments of The Device in pairs. Lone Hunters are relatively easy to take down following careful planning. It is not advised to take on groups of more than two hunters, even when well armed, as they are capable of laying down a steady stream of fire and are more likely to be accompanied by a dog. Dynamite is the best tool for dealing with large groups of hunters as the blast can take out all simultaneously.

If you have acquired a Revolver or Shotgun with at least four ammunition, you can manage to take out a group of two hunters if you can quickly pull off 2 shots on one, duck and hide, then repeat with the other one.

If the player gets very close to a hunter or damages it, the hunter will flee a short distance before crouching for cover. This makes it difficult to take out hunters with the Wood Hatchet if they are aware of your presence.


  • Sometimes they will show off their trophies, the human cranium.
  • Occasionally Hunters guarding towns, and Hunters roaming around will fight, (sometimes they will get Squires involved) shooting at each other until all of one group are dead, giving the player a good chance to finish the rest off as they are probably low on health, and to loot the fallen.


These come in a number of tweedy flavours, but the net result is always that you are hunted across woodland and heath, with shotguns and worse. The hunter is the most common of the killer gentry, and they’re keen on murder and tea. They aren’t always friendly to each other, either. Different robot families have oil feuds that have been going on for years – expect to see them settling their differences while on the hunt.

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