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The Hound
Weapon Teeth
Effects Knocks down player
Immobilizes player
Health Revolver - 1 hit
Rifle - 1 hit
Shotgun - 1 hit

Hounds are usually found with a group of Hunter robots. When a Hound is spawned it selects a Hunter as its master and will then follow them loyally around the island.

Hounds have better senses than the Hunter robots. A group of Hunters with a hound is therefore more dangerous to approach. Like Hunters, Hounds will investigate if they hear a sound. If they sight the player then a Hound will start barking to attract the Hunters.


Hounds can move faster than a running player and will attempt to chase you down. If a Hound gets near then it triggers a knock-down and you will be pinned to the floor. Whilst pinned you cannot move, but can still seem to use items. The Hound will bite you whilst you are pinned. While the damage seems to be small, a bite can trigger bleeding making Hounds quite dangerous. Being pinned also gives the slower hunters a chance to catch up to you.

Hounds can be killed with one direct hit with the revolver, one close range blast from a shotgun, or 1 swing of a hatchet if you are elevated on a rock or fence. IF you have a pair of pliers and you are captured by them, use them as soon as you can because the dog is like a moving Mantrap.

An almost foolproof way to kill a hound if you have an hatchet is to wait until the hound is about to tackle you, and swing your hatchet, it will kill the dog and you will be knocked down but immediately get back up with possibly a few points of damage.

Another almost foolproof method to deal with them if you have a ManTrap is to place the trap and then back up a bit and keep moving side to side to keep the trap between you and the hound. It will spring the trap and then you can walk up and dispatch it easily.


Hounds do not drop loot.



Big Robot have described the hounds like so:

The hunter’s best friend. The razor-jawed beasts chase the player down, pin them down, and let the hunter’s rifle do its work. Learn to deal with these four-legged nasties with haste.

The quote is taken from this blog post.

Kickstarter Update #18 also provides background on the design of the Hounds.