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Key Function
W Forward
A Left
D Right
S Backward
R Reload
Space Jump
Left Shift (hold) Run
C Crouch (toggle)
I Inventory
F Interact
H Bandage (if you have one in your inventory)
Q Lean Left
E Lean Right
* (numpad) Take Screenshot
/ (numpad) Togle UI
. (numpad) Toggle FPS
0 No Weapon
1 Rifle
2 Shotgun
3 Dynamite
4 Bottles
5 Stones
B Binoculars
7 Axe
8 Revolver
9 Trap
Left Click Fire
Right Click Aim / Use Item
Mouse Wheel Up Zoom In
Mouse Wheel Down Zoom Out

You can also change any key, turn on mouse acceleration, invert the mouse, change crouch to hold instead of toggle, increase mouse sensitivity, and increase camera field of view (how wide you can see) in Control Options.

For the XBox 360 Controller: Interact X, Reload Y, Bandage B, Inventory A, Aim/menu LB, use current item RB, choose item D-pad up/down. Game Menu -Start, Crouch - press Right Stick, Run - left trigger.