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The castle biome places a huge ruined tourist attraction across one part of the map - a familiar sight for people who live in certain parts of the UK!

A video introduction to the Castle Biome by BigRobot.

The castle biome features many ruined castle structures, set up as a tourist attraction for the visiting players to explore.


The following buildings have been spotted in the Castle Biome:

  • Castles
  • Courtyards
  • Statues
  • Towers
  • Tourist Guide Signs
  • Souvenir Kiosks
  • Ruins
  • Information Plaques
  • Village Houses and Shops

Villages in the Castle Biome usually spawn around the outside of castle grounds. Poachers are also seen more often around the outside of castle walls and in the courtyards.


Much of the inland areas of this biome are covered with forest areas and castle ground ruins, providing many sources of cover (both for you, and the sneaky Poachers). Outlying areas of the islands are usually filled with stones that can be used as cover when fleeing hunters.

Because of the larger amounts of wooded areas, Poachers can be a serious threat to players if they aren't careful. Castle ruins that have wooded areas beside them should be explored carefully, and always be on the lookout for traps.

There are small villages, usually connected to the castles, that can provide you with loot. There are also litter bins in castle courtyards, and small houses around the outlying areas of the island.